The Liberian Golden Awards (LGA) is an awards event that recognise outstanding Excellence of Liberian entertainers in the Arts and entertainment industry worldwide. LGA acknowledge people for their hard work and helps promote them to the world. LGA is registered under Australian Law and aims to strengthen and promote the Liberian & Australian culture. The first ever Liberian Golden Awards was held in Adelaide, South Australia in the year 2017. The Liberian Golden awards Australia is back with more exclusive to bring back the awards that will best recognised people from around the world who have outstanding performance from their community. Once again welcome to the (LGA)Team Known as The Liberian Golden awards Australia.

The Organization along with the support of Liberian entertainment constantly in the news, it's easy to forget that hosting an event alone isn't enough to lead this industry. Liberian artists, actors/actresses, filmmakers, producers and community crusaders are not waiting for an award; they're waiting for an organization that is committed to making the industry better. To that end, we've taken a look at every part of the experience - from music and movie production to its distribution and marketing - and dedicated ourselves to constantly improving it. That's an ambitious goal, especially when other countries are far ahead, but the biggest advantage to our industry has always been TALENT. So while we proudly host a successful award ceremony, we won't rest until Liberia is the capital of entertainment.

We engage into awards ceremony as well as videography and many other relating to the entertainment industry.

Since January 2017, we have been combining great talents and quality production in building a desirable destination for excellence in movies, music, fashion, sports and within the community We sought to set a new standard in Liberian award ceremony. Today, I believe we've succeeded not just once, but again and again. We continue to extend the benefits of our high quality to more people in more places. Each year, we bring a lot of new performers and new award categories. We also celebrate our heritage - those old musicians and entertainers who paved the way for us today. With several years of The Liberian Golden Awards behind us, we couldn't have reached this milestone without supporters like you, and we appreciate the opportunity to meet your needs for high-quality Liberian event. On behalf of the Liberian Golden Awards, I want to thank the Liberian community, our sponsors and all the professionals who work together each month to provide a truly

first-rated award ceremony to you. The only way to truly appreciate the LGA is to experience it. Therefore, we invite you to the upcoming Liberian Golden Awards as we build a community on a foundation of entertainment excellence. The LGA Awards represent what Liberians are capable of, and we want to continue to tell that story. Our stories. Our Hope & Our success with true passion.

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