The Liberian Golden Awards Australia (LGA) is an awards ceremony that recognise outstanding Excellence of Liberian entertainers in the Arts and entertainment industry worldwide. LGA acknowledge people for their hard work and helps promote them to the world. LGA is registered under Australian Law and aims to strengthen and promote the Liberian & Australian culture. The first ever Liberian Golden Awards was held in Adelaide, South Australia in the year 2017. The Liberian Golden awards Australia is back with more exclusive to bring back the awards that will best recognised people from around the world who have outstanding performance from their community. Once again welcome to the (LGA)Team Known as The Liberian Golden awards Australia.

Meet some of LGA officials

Isaac Zeogar

Chief Executive Officer/CEO/Founder
Isaac Zeogar was born to the union of Mr & Mrs Zeogar  J.F.K Hospital Monrovia Liberia. 

Bob Konah

Marketing Director/CO. FOUNDER
Bob Konah was born in Bong county Liberian west Africa.

Ansu Dolley

Operation Manager
Ansu Dolley was born unto Mr & Mrs Dolley in Liberia Lofa county.

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